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A Novel Idea!

Posted in The Internet by CMO on Wednesday, February 24

In the digital realm, ad-supported content is king. YouTube, Hulu, your favorite blog/podcasts, the scrabble rip-off iPhone app I spend way too much time on. These are all examples of things that are free thanks to ad support. Hell, they pretty much all exist because they have ad support! But this is old news, right?

Well, some people have yet to get that memo.

I’m looking at you, Jeff Bezos.

Here you have this magnificent device in the Amazon Kindle. It’s gonna revolutionize books, save the environment, keep people from going blind! Sure, that’s true but as of lately, I think you’re starting to let that fire go out (if you’ll pardon my pun). Between the plethora of cheaper e-books that have hit the market as of late, and recently introduced iPad, you’ve got to be asking yourself what can I do?

The largest book retailer in the world Amazon has the resources to dominate the e-book market, but due to an unattractive pricing structure, and crippling DRM, the Amazon Kindle has become an unattractive gadget to those of us who guzzle content on a limited budget.  There just isn’t enough free content for me to spend $259 on a gadget that I can’t put my own library on.  Similarly priced, the iphone was no brainer.  On top of putting my own music on it, the majority of downloaded content I can have for free.  Sure, it’s all full of weight loss and body part enlargement adverts, but what isn’t these days? Seriously, have you gone outside?  Watched TV? Opened a magazine? And if I use the app to the point where I’m starting to wonder if ‘Six-Pack Abs truly are only 2 weeks away’ then i’ll probably buy that app, and have the ads removed.

The point is I don’t HAVE to pay for it.  Whether or not I actually will pay for it is irrelevant, because everyones happy.  I (the consumer) get free content, the content provider gets money from the adverts, and the companies get an audience for their advertising. Some people don’t want the ads, and they pay to have them removed.   Problem Solved.

So what’s the solution? Here’s a Novel Idea: Product Placement.   Amazon teams up with companies to provide series of free novels that have that companies products placed throughout the e-books, providing a classy, uninterrupted advertising experience within a novel, as compared to some bad photoshop ads for teeth whitening and hair removal cure-alls.

For this example, Coca-Cola and Amazon have teamed up to bring you three classics.

One Classic Deserves Another

Oh sure, people will argue that product placement will take away from the power and the integrity of the novel.  Just like how Burger King and Nike took away from the latest Twilight movie? And how  the over produced lingerie commercials transport me back from the Island? We’re used to it.  Especially when what we get in return is free.


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